Hospitals and the new fire regulations
Hospitals and the new fire regulations

Milan - During 2014, the production rules on fire has accelerated through the enactment of numerous willing. From here it was necessary to organize a conference dedicated to these issues, addressing the General Managers of Public Hospitals, the Properties and their Deputies of Private Hospitals, the Managers and Technical Offices of the Prevention and Protection and to designers. The remarkable success of the first edition, held in Rome last January, has motivated the Scientific and organizers to revive the Congress, unchanged in content and, if possible, even more enhanced by the addition of new speakers, at the prestigious Biaggi room in the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia in Milan. In this edition called "North", which indicates the clear and precise intention to organize a new edition called "South" in Sicily, are taken the fundamental themes of the conference, that the new willing that have changed greatly, but most will change, the method approach to the design, construction and management of complexes for structural activity Hospital. Moreover, these regulations have effectively changed the profiles of responsibility of those called to play the game more and more complex management of a hospital on the chessboard of the Italian Health.
The intent is to provide knowledge / technical regulations useful to the top management in order to perform well in their activities and their power of strategic choice in reference to the structural characteristics fire. In the light of statistical data provided by the National Corps of Firemen, who will be present at the conference with its own report, fires account for about 30% of total interventions by type. Within this percentage will also cover the actions to the health facilities.

The fire design, many times in view of the second floor, appears to be of primary importance, since it is the one that affects the choices of all other designs (structural, plant, etc.) And, not least, significantly affects the cost of ' operates. To emphasize this important concept is David Rizzardi, Scientific Director of the conference, which states that: "The fire design must be paramount over all other designs which must find the method can execute the provisions of law that they contain." Given the context in which they are carried out that assise, Dr. David Rizzardi, also emphasizes: "Anyone who has been able to visit the City of our region, could not help but see with their own eyes, the presence of many yards of Restructuring and / or Construction of Hospitals. This effect "visual" you must own all'accortezza and diligence of the directors to meet the dictates Normative plexus Hospital, all under the aegis of the Lombardy Region, which with its health care system, has stimulated, stimulates and stimulate the entire National Health Fund ". Working modes that this is also confirmed by the World Health Organization private, as noted in the previous conference by Professor G. Pelissero, National President of the Italian Association of Private Hospitals: "It is crucial to the comparison between the institutions and the operators of the health sector to ' internal 'legislative activity of the State and the Regions where, the Italian Association of Private Hospitals (AIOP) plays and will be called more and more to play, an active role to make hospitals more functional and close to the citizen. "

Through the work of the conference is to demonstrate how the correct choices, in addition to ensuring the health and safety of the entire population afferent to the Hospital, can lead to significant savings in terms of operating costs, maintenance and insurance. Savings in times of spending review can only return to favor not only the population but also of health-care. The importance of the conference is underscored by the presence, as speakers, the best known experts in the field, both legal and technical, as well as legislative, thank you can make a complete picture of the current situation thus giving the opportunity to present to have a clear vision of how to tackle the various problems.