Is really important to monitor energy consumption ?
Is really important to monitor energy consumption ?

A production plant uses large amounts of resources such as electricity, water and fuels that greatly affect the costs of producing goods or services. Often these resources are not used optimally and the company wastes large economic resources without knowing it.

Through the measurement and monitoring of energy consumption, the company can intervene promptly in case of problems and, knowing the origin of the frescos, plan targeted interventions to improve the efficiency of the plants.

All this allows companies to reduce their operating costs by increasing their competitiveness on the market and reducing the impact of energy products' inflation on the finished product. In addition, companies can reduce their environmental impact by improving health in the workplace and their image.


Through a monitoring system of energy consumption it is possible to measure the absorption of resources, analyze the trend over time and compare the performances that characterize the system with the best standards obtainable; in this way the main inefficiencies and areas of improvement are identified where it is possible to apply interventions that allow to obtain the greatest energy and economic benefits.


HEB Group offers customized solutions for every type of company with the aim of:

. Evaluate the less efficient components
. Save money on your bill
. Reduce maintenance costs
. Optimize production processes


The measurement program will continue for at least two seasons following the implementation of interventions to schedule maintenance interventions, constantly optimizing the energy performance of the system and obtaining a significant amount of savings obtained through efficiency gains.


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