Is your photovoltaic system efficient?
Is your photovoltaic system efficient?

In Italy, a well designed and well managed photovoltaic system should produce an average of 1,368 kWh per kW installed, whereas the average production of the Italian park is only 1,206 kWh / kW because the installations have often been done quickly and not in a workmanlike manner ( Source : QualeEnergia)

How to recognize a plant that can produce high efficiencies?

First of all, it should be noted that the efficiency margin of a plant depends on the geographical area.

For a quality photovoltaic system it is necessary:

-There are no shadings on the photovoltaic modules
A partial shade on the form is sufficient to significantly reduce its performance. When designing a system, it is therefore necessary to consider the possibility that other buildings, trees or panels may cause even partial sun shading of the photovoltaic surface.

-The photovoltaic modules are oriented correctly
When designing the photovoltaic system, it is essential to choose the side of the roof on which to mount the panels. We must therefore know on which side there is more solar radiation during the whole day in order to have the maximum possible energy production. Since photovoltaic panels are more productive when the sun's rays are perpendicular to their surfaces, the orientation is certainly better directly to the SOUTH. Also EST and WEST can be taken into consideration, with a loss of efficiency, for the different angle.

-The sizing of components such as cables, strings, switches and inverters is done correctly

-Install components from certified producers with long experience in the photovoltaic market
Certification is necessary to maintain a quality that remains over time (guarantees). Each component is analyzed and tested before being introduced into the market, to ensure that the entire plant can last as many years as possible.

-The plant installer has already built several other photovoltaic systems

-Having a remote monitoring system
-Remote monitoring is essential to assess the performance of your photovoltaic system in real time, so you can see the progress of the energy produced and consumed, all from your smartphone or tablet.

These are the basic requirements for a quality system, for any other information, contact our technical department, sending an email to