The future of Photovoltaic
The future of Photovoltaic


The news in the field of solar energy are increasingly widespread and incentivized, thanks also to important events involving industry experts.

What we are about to describe you are 3 revolutionary photovoltaic alternatives proposed by the researchers. Perhaps in the future our homes will be full of these technologies to make the most of sunlight.


Solar windows

Building integration is the ultimate goal that researchers hope to achieve when it comes to solar.

This explains why they are focusing so much on the transparent panels, to be integrated into our windows. These innovative systems are able to capture the sun's rays coming to the window and turn them into electricity that can be used by the inhabitants of the house or by the office workers.

Although photovoltaic panels are currently 4 times more efficient (4 m2 of solar windows are needed to obtain the same energy that the current photovoltaic produces with 1 m2 of panels), this technology will allow you to admire the view from our window producing energy.

The fruits of the sun

Perhaps tomorrow's solar panels will be activated by plant pigments.

This is the future according to Roorkee, the Indian institute of technology that has invented panels composed of berries rich in pigments that absorb sunlight, the 'fruits of god'. It could be a good chance to spread photovoltaics in India, given the scarce resources and the goal that the country has set itself by 2030: support for at least 40% with the power of the sun.

Solar paint

Instead, the proposal to produce energy directly with our walls is Australian.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have in fact created solar paint, a coating that could have the same potential as the panels we use today.

The varnish created by these researchers allows the creation of hydrogen fuel using the primary source of moisture: thanks to the silica gel and titanium oxide in the tint, any wall can become an energetic semi-conductor.


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This is what we must expect from our future.

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