Energy and energy efficiency

The management and control of energy through the use of innovative technologies

Today, unlike in the past, we are subject to frequent new demands of economic, cultural and social that require us to be more advanced and in step with the times and regulations. Energy is the engine of development and irreplaceable condition for the life of man on the planet. The management and control of energy may exist only through the use of innovative technologies. The HEB Group, based on many years of experience in consulting, design and automation of electrical systems, has developed programs and documentation that allow the knowledge and the management, in a simple and immediate, but especially in real time, the consumption of electrical energy and consequently of the costs incurred by companies, allowing the optimization of the first, the reduction of seconds.

The main business areas of our company are:

  • Consultancy services in energy markets
  • Services Energy Management
  • Consultancy services on plants producing electricity from renewable sources
  • Management and monitoring energy consumption
  • Esco services
  • Consulting installing renewable energy installations
  • Installation of renewable energy according to the customer and / or the type of business conduct (lighting, co-trigeneration, photovoltaic, electric motors and inverters, wind, micro wind and small wind turbines, solar thermal, solar cooling, home automation)
  • Installation, maintenance, repair of facilities / energy carriers that reduce energy consumption

Our clientele spans the tertiary sector, residential, industry and transport.
Follow the Changing markets, acquire the evolution of the regulatory framework and update the tools are the activities of our company. These steps are necessary to allow our staff to provide targeted advice to public and private companies operating in the market, such as wholesalers and small territorial distributors, manufacturers and auto manufacturers in terms of:

  • Analysis energy market
  • Search the supplier and energy supply
  • Billing electricity
  • Accounting for consumption of utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)
  • Management Practices UTF (Electricity)
  • Management Practices and relationships with institutions (AU, GSE, AEEG, ...)
  • Support in the purchase and sale of energy
  • Assistance in the drafting of the practices related to the law 10/91
  • Creation of practices IRE and LT (Cogeneration Plants)
  • Creation of practices IAFR (Green Certificates)
  • Organization, implementation of energy efficiency projects (White Certificates)