• HEB Group

    Clinical Engineering

    Partner for the management of the endowment
    technological hospital or the sole manager of the service
    Clinical Engineering outsourced.
  • HEB Group

    Energy and energy efficiency

    The management and control
    through the use of innovative technologies
  • HEB Group

    Building and construction

    HEB Group is an expert
    in construction and plant


Clinical Engineering

In the provision of Clinical Engineering, HEB Group enjoys the support of synergies established with the major manufacturers and the extensive use of technological innovations.


Energy and energy efficiency

HEB Group is an expert in construction and plant engineering and is able to offer its customers a wide range of services.


Building and construction

The HEB Group has developed programs and documentation that allow the HEB Group is an expert in building and plant.

HEB Group

The company, made in Italy, is originally on the market with a range of services in the field of Integrated Technology, biomedical, specializing in providing services to public and private institutions such as clinics and nursing homes by providing the instruments and staff for a more comprehensive management of technical assistance on medical equipment.

Increasingly sensitive to energy saving, implements the services of Energy Management.

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